Rory Ward,  Owner/CEO
      Rory Ward honed his artist skills in 7th and 8th grade Algebra class.  Knowing he would never make it as a scientist at NASA he took his 64 pack of crayolas (with the sharpener in the back) to the Desert  to perfect his artistic skills of motorsport artwork.  When not drawing cars, Rory can be found working his full time job at the Bullhead City Fire Dept as an Engineer/Paramedic where he has worked since 1998.   
     Not to be one left out of the action, when time and money permits, The Wards can be seen racing their class 12 race car, enjoying the deserts with the rest of his friends out at the races.

Hanna, Tracy & Lindsey
The girls are a great help in finding new products and helping organize for the events.  Rory's wife Tracy has been their since the begining and has helped build Racers Only what it is today.  Lindsey, the oldest daughter, started working the Racers Only booth at the tender age of 8 years old and has continued to help out when she can.  Hanna is now learning what her sister passed down about booth management.  
About Racers Only 

Rory Ward (AKA Wardy) was 18 years old when he attended the 1988 SCORE Off Road show in California.  His love of off road racing shined through in his drawings, and one of his drawings was that of Ivan "The IRONMAN" Stewart.  While at the show, Rory asked "Mr. Stewart" if he would sign his artwork so he could hang it on his wall.   After looking at the artwork for a couple minutes and showing his friends around him, Ivan signed the artwork and then asked if he would be interested in drawing a t-shirt design for his Toyota race truck. I guess you could say it just snowballed from there.  

Desert Motorsport Designs was born in early 1989 and did custom t-shirt designs for many desert racing teams.  In 1994, Rory decided his company needed a new name since he didn't want to limit his artwork to just "Desert racers".....Racers Only was born.  The apparel side didn't come into affect until the 1995 SCORE off road racing season when friend and client, Off Road Hall of Famer Rob MacCachren handed Rory a box of 48 shirts (that he designed) so he could sell them at the races.  It took all of about 4 hours and he completly sold out. 

Today, Racers Only has grown considerably since those early days. it's a family business run by the Ward family (Rory, Tracy, Lindsey and Hanna).  Our artwork has stretched from Baja to Indy, Dakar to Daytona.  Racers Only has also built up an impressive list of clients......

Parnelli Jones, Robby Gordon, Rob MacCachren, Ivan Stewart, Mickey Thompson, Jimmie Johnson, Bob Gordon, Steve Millen, Larry Ragland, Brian Collins, Terrible Herbst, HDRA, and companies like BFGoodrich, Pro-Comp, Mastercraft Safety, Gieser Bros racing and SCORE International, just to name a few.