Step 1:
Artwork Services
Step 2:
Step 3:
2 choices at this point:

1-  Take the artwork to your screen printer and have your t-shirts printed.*

2-  I will send off the files to Ntense Tee's and they will have the computer guru (Mike Sullivan) layout a background and all logo placements for your design.

*cannot guarantee how your design will turn out using a different printer and computer artist.
We start out with a sketch of your vehicle.  This will give you a basic idea what we were thinking in forms of vehicle layout.  From here you give us your input and we can fine tune the sketch to your liking.

After the sketch is approved, we can now start on the black and white line drawing.  This is where the fine detail comes into play and will be used by the screen printer to add color to the design via computer.
The original artwork is then colored in by hand.  Backgrounds and Logo placements are not something we normally do since the computer age makes trial and error a lot easier, and less time consuming.
Step 4:
**For a t-shirt quote, contact Chad @ Ntense Tee's.  Just click on the logo  >>>>  ---------------------------